December 2020

Here Are 10 Easy Self-Care Habits to Add To Your Daily Routine To Ensure Your Mental Well-Being

It’s the same story for most of us, describing our lives as busy, which is a huge understatement.  There are the never-ending important meetings to prepare for, marketing campaigns you’re spearheading, and family calendars packed with birthday parties, ball games, and school activities.  Feeling overwhelmed is real.  You find yourself wondering how it is even possible to tackle the list, let alone do all the tasks well.

The easiest solution is to cut back on doing the things you do for yourself, you know, self-care.  It’s simple to cancel a gym class, skip social events, and fall back on unhealthy fast-food solutions just to save time.

Why are we so quick to throw our self-care activities out the window?

To keep up with the fast pace of our lives, we don’t think twice about putting our own needs aside.  We do it readily, without thinking and only through the toll a fast-paced life, do we realize there may be a better way.

Call it what you like but know that self-care is crucial for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Here are five reasons why you should make self-care a priority:

  • Self-care nurtures a healthy relationship with yourself. The results are positive feelings of well-being and self-esteem.  Self-care reminds us, and others, that our needs are just as important as anything else.
  • A healthy work-life balance is important to relieve the stress and the exhaustion of being over-worked.  Self-care reduces health issues like anxiety, depression, and heart disease.  Professional self-care habits like intermittent breaks, healthy professional boundaries, and avoiding over-extending yourself ensure that you stay focused, motivated, and healthy for the long-haul.
  • Self-care is helpful in managing stress. Creating healthy habits like eating healthy, socializing, meditation, and exercise, decrease the negative mental, emotional, and physical effects that stress causes.  Without stress, your mood is improved, you have energy, and your confidence is lifted.
  • Life is precious and every moment is a gift.  Though there are responsibilities in life, taking care of yourself is a responsibility too.  Strive to be present with every experience and in every way.
  • Physical health is a big part of self-care.  Eating healthy, getting good sleep, exercising, and personal hygiene are important aspects of your self-care regimen.

You may still be trying to figure out what kind of self-care activities you can fit into your busy schedule.  Here are 10 quick additions you can add to even the busiest of days, to improve your mental wellbeing:

  1. Take the stairs or walk to work.  Adding even 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day will improve your mental and physical health.
  2. Take up the practice of meditation and practice every day.
  3. Set a timer and remind yourself to take small breaks throughout your day.
  4. Choose wisely who you spend your time with.
  5. Laugh, dance, and sing daily.
  6. Eat clean and unprocessed foods.
  7. Be present and aware of your feelings, don’t eat to feed your emotions.
  8. Learn to say no without an explanation.
  9. Create a gratitude journal and train your mind to focus on the good things in your life.
  10. Do it today; don’t fill your life with reasons why you’ll do ‘it’ tomorrow.

Taking these small steps toward putting yourself first will make a huge difference in your ability to be available for yourself and others.  Start today, do it for yourself, do it for your mental health and physical wellbeing.  I know all too well how important your self-care is to your mental wellbeing.  My mission is to help others find their passion and life purpose, including the self-care that is right for you. 

Here Are 10 Easy Self-Care Habits to Add To Your Daily Routine To Ensure Your Mental Well-Being Read More »

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