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Understand The Power Of Gratitude, Including Strategies To Help You Stay Positive And Joyful During The Holidays

The holidays bring endless social events, get-togethers, shopping, and of course quality time with loved ones. The busy holiday season can also be filled with long to-do lists, family obligations, and an overbooked calendar, all creating undo stress! It is helpful to keep a positive attitude when things feel a bit chaotic, but it is also important to acknowledge that the stress of the holiday season is a real thing!

Knowing the holidays are full of triggers, anxious moments, and insecurities, prepping a toolbox full of coping strategies so you are ready for any occasion is a really good idea.

  • The power of a gratitude journal – Focus on the positive by writing daily in a journal, reminding yourself of all that you have and to feel fortunate for.
  • Be of Service to Others – Whether you volunteer to feed the unhoused or volunteer hours at community events, helping others has positive results for both you and those who you help.
  • Resist the urge to compare yourself to others – You have no idea what others are going through unless you have ‘walked a mile in their shoes’.  Social media and advertising push us to compare ourselves or feel less than what is socially visible, however, the social image shared is likely not real, or at least not the entire story.
  • Write your goals down and take inventory at year’s end – Like most of us, we forget about our accomplishments and focus on our shortcomings.  Do it a little differently this year and celebrate all the goals that you either achieved or made great gains toward the achievement.
  • Identify and stay connected to your Support system – Make a point to reach out to your support system, whether that is your family, friends, co-workers, or spiritual community. 

Understanding the correlation between self-care and holiday happiness paves the way for wonderful new experiences, family traditions, and sweet memories. Rachel Graham shares how she recognized her need for self-care, which aids in her ability to stay grateful and positive during the holidays.  To learn more about how self-care relates to the power of staying positive while living in gratitude no matter the time of year, contact Rachel today.

Understand The Power Of Gratitude, Including Strategies To Help You Stay Positive And Joyful During The Holidays Read More »