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Rachel Graham on Healing Springs Ranch, Addiction Treatment and Recovery, Leadership Development, Finding Meaning and Purpose, and More

“We often say at our facility, ‘the opposite of addiction is connection.’ Because with connection, that’s how we help each other. We were put on this planet as tribal communities to help each other. We were not put here to be in isolation.” -Rachel Graham


Misfit Entrepreneur

Evolve and Transform to Be Your True Self with Rachel Graham

This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Rachel Graham.  Rachel is the CEO and Founder of Evolve and Transform and Co-Founder of Healing Springs Ranch, a treatment facility for addiction that bridges mental health, trauma and addiction by treating the entire person both physiologically and psychologically.  Evolve and Transform is an international speaking and coaching platform that helps business leaders, teams and individuals reach their optimal performance and purpose.


Talks with Teresa: Rachel Graham

Many people have not yet identified their purpose in life, which is normal amidst all of the distractions we live in, but perhaps more importantly, many people aren’t aware of the obstacles they may be creating that will prevent them from ever doing so. There is a difference between comforting behaviors that we engage in occasionally to compulsive behaviors that may be throwing us completely off our game. I asked Rachel Graham, TedX speaker, leadership coach, health entrepreneur and founder of the Healing Springs Ranch in Texas for her thoughts on this in a recent interview.

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