Unity is a balance or order, harmony, and justice within us and humanity as a whole

“Unity is the highest value.  From it, everything comes and to it everything returns.”- David Wared, healer and philosopher

All living beings are born into unity – animals, plants, and earth originate in unity.  There are innumerable facets for multiplicity and diversity while remaining united.  When we are united, we are all one.

In today’s environment, humans seem to have forgotten the essence of unity, thinking it absurd.  We as a society these days, feel the lack of deep and loving connections. In contrast, we feel more separated, where differences are stressed, and we fight to be better and more important than our fellow man.  This competition reinforces our experience of human separation and lack of unity.

You might have asked yourself, is this what my life is all about?  Often this inner searching is the beginning of your own personal journey.  This soul-searching journey may be spurred by your longing to feel connected.  It is within this search that you might recognize your desire for interconnectedness and belonging.  You may feel a desire to rebirth the feeling to be a part of the whole, that there is something bigger than yourself.

The journey brings your unconscious to consciousness within you and you feel complete and whole. No longer a fragmented piece of the whole.  This is the foundation of non-duality. Deep joy, bliss, gratitude and humility, clarity, creativity, and strength will unfold within you as you recognize we are interconnected and part of a greater whole.

Feeling united and connected starts from within, start now by following these steps to feel more connected to your inner self.

  • Notice your mind body connection. We often feel our feelings before we undersand them. Think about time you were anxious and it took you a minute to figure out why. The way to get there is to be still, be present, be honest with yourself and be willing to make changes.
  • Take the time to put your feelings into words.  By vocalizing your feelings, you are aware enough to describe them and in doing so, you are honoring your feelings instead of ignoring them.
  • Take the time to get to know yourself by spending quality time with yourself.  These days, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner without really connecting to our inner needs and feelings. We live with constant distractions.
  • Be mindful of practicing unapologetic compassion for yourself.  Connecting to yourself is a daily practice that includes focusing on your feelings, letting go of all judgment, and being kind.

As you focus on connecting with yourself on a daily basis, you may feel yourself becoming more united to the ‘greater whole’.  Follow Rachel Graham as she shares her journey of self-discovery, connectedness, and unity.

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