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“A business entrepreneur, leadership and development coach, group facilitator, public speaker, and empowering optimist dedicated to educating people, business leaders/teams students, and professionals for optimal performance.  By understanding the underlying and often limiting behaviors associated with our communication skills, personalities, and compulsive behaviors, individuals improve their performance personally and professionally leading to a more fulfilling and successful life. This is an opportunity to understand the impact of personal and professional challenges and limitations and create a greater awareness of how we align our skills and talents with our passions to create the purpose individually and professionally. 

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My Story

In one moment, it appeared that I had it all.  I had a successful career, loving marriage, healthy children, lots of friends, a supportive extended family, and I was financially stable. Suddenly within 24 hours, my entire life completely changed as I uncovered harbored secrets from people I trusted the most.  That was the beginning of my own personal evolution and transformation. 

As a result, I used skills I was learned in leadership development, in addition to the education I received in supporting individuals with compulsive behaviors, addictions, and mental health diagnoses.  These skills taught me resilience, compassion, and grace. This was the beginning of a catastrophic life-changing journey that ultimately revealed my purpose in life. 

“There is incredible beauty in the difficult moments. They often illuminate the path to unlocking your life purpose"

Rachel H. Graham

Throughout the journey I found myself living, I personally experienced many subpar treatment programs that failed to identify the core issues of the individual struggling with addiction and the part that the family unit plays. I knew this had to change and as a result, I put my heart and energy into working with a team of talented founding partners and staff to create Healing Springs Ranch (HSR).

HSR is an internationally recognized residential treatment center known for its integrative work with adults recovering from ALL addictions (both process and substance).  What sets HSR apart from other treatment centers is its proven “Integrated Addiction ModelTM” which identifies the underlying issues and unresolved trauma behind most, if not all, addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms and diagnoses. HSR is unlike any other traditional “rehab” facility in that we treat the entire person, not just the addictive behavior.

When creating treatment programs for HSR, I wanted our clients to take away more than just learning how to overcome their addiction. I wanted them to discover their purpose and ‘why’ as armor for their sober re-entry into the world. Utilizing corporate leadership development modalities in treatment empowers team development which has a positive impact on recovery. It turns out that leadership development and recovery are remarkably similar. In both instances, whether it’s an individual or a company, they decide to level-up.

To leverage this phenomenon, I have created the ‘Leaders in Training’ curriculum, which is presented in weekly group meetings.  This curriculum helps our clients identify their purpose as an individual and as a part of the community. The primary goal is to help our clients overcome addiction, but it is also our job to educate and inspire them to take the best versions of themselves into the world when they leave our treatment center.

Many times, individuals who struggle with addiction lose sight of the importance of their life and I believe it is essential for them to rediscover the meaning and purpose of life before they adventure back out into the world.

HSR has helped many individuals heal and recover from addiction. In my heart, I knew there was more to be done. I wanted to create a speaking platform where I could share my experiences and stories with others who are struggling just as I once was. I wanted to influence, educate, and empower individuals with my story.  I was determined to do just that.

Through the odyssey of my life, I created Evolve and Transform as a platform to vulnerably share my story.  Through my story, I educate people, business leaders, students, and professionals, removing the stigma of addiction and compulsive behaviors (of which we all have) while encouraging the discovery of their own meaning and purpose. Through authentically sharing, I connect with people in a way that gives them permission to release any shame and guilt and it becomes the catalyst for personal transformation.

It’s important for people to know that a simple change in mindset can become a powerful impetus for the kind of change that alters the course of one’s life, where certain freedom unfolds giving way to becoming a creator instead of a victim.

Making the decision to address addiction, which includes doing the work needed to heal the underlying trauma, creates the space for a beautiful new beginning. A crisis can be the birthing point of amazing opportunities for connection and growth; it is the place of being vulnerable, self-aware, forgiving, empathetic, and non-judgmental.


What Business Leaders are Saying Around The Globe

You have a gift Rachel Graham, and you have inspired a lot of people.  You have clarity of purpose and a pure, kind, and giving heart to go with it. Thanks for being a gift to all that are fortunate enough to hear you.  Light and love in all you do.

Rachel is genuine and thought-provoking speaker you can’t help but love in the moment. But her real value comes in the days after the event when you can’t stop thinking about the questions she’s asked.

Rachel has a true gift in the incredibly impactful way she manages to connect with her audience! By telling her story in an extremely candid manner not only does she captivate you during the entire session but she creates a safe environment conducive to exploring sensitive topics otherwise considered taboo.

Amazing and high-value content for friends and family.

Sharing of her personal experience was very impactful.

While this may not have been a topic, I felt implicated me, it certainly is relevant and broadened my definition of  "addiction” experience was very impactful.

Thank you for sharing your story and the way you were able to help a family through a difficult situation.

Rachel is an amazing teacher and speaker. Most importantly, she is an amazing person. It is because of who she is, her own life experiences, and the heart she has for helping others that she is so effective in teaching and speaking.

I have heard you speak twice now, and your story is so powerful it makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up. 

Difficult life events are meant to pave the way to amazing transformation


The Hero’s Journey

In true Joseph Campbell style, Rachel presents her own personal hero’s journey. She focuses on an extraordinary life-changing event. The audience will experience an intimate and vulnerable “forum like” conversation. She shares her story, describes what addiction and compulsive behaviors are and how underlying trauma is often at the root.


Understanding Compulsive

Compulsive behaviors are not the problem but rather a symptom of the underlying issue.  It is often evidence of an unmet physiological or psychological need desperately trying to be soothed. While compulsive or addictive behavior generally starts by choice, it may become uncontrollable by the individual and  can lead to destructive life events.


Finding Meaning
and Purpose

Everyone has a purpose; without it, we lose our way and become demotivated and depressed. Studies have shown that when people are contributing and functioning in alignment with their higher purpose, they are likely to have a healthier outlook on life and be more resilient to stress and destructive compulsive behaviors. With a healthier balanced lifestyle, success and optimal performance will follow in all you do.

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