Your daily yoga practice builds a strong mind, body, and spirit, leading you towards becoming your best self and to the discovery of your life’s purpose

Can your yoga practice help you find yourself? Those who practice yoga faithfully, claim that their practice, not only helps them find themselves, but also helps to identify their life’s purpose.

The practice of yoga is an art of living, and its origins can be traced back to northern India over 5,000 years ago. Yoga is amongst the six schools of philosophy in Hinduism and is also a major part of Buddhism. Within yoga, and its meditation practices, are long, documented records of how yoga provides peace and resolve for many.

The common thread of suffering is the belief that there is a lack of something. Suffering is caused by the lack of a solution to whatever problem is at hand. Some examples of the lack you may be feeling in your life might be:

  • The lack of money
  • The lack of food or water
  • The lack of good health

Yoga trains your mind and body for logical thinking in a variety of critical situations. A trained, conditioned, and prepared mind and body provide the training for most of us to handle whatever challenges life offers. The ability to react to problems, with solutions, will also assist in finding that a problem could be the gateway to a better life. How is that possible?

There are times in life when years fly by, and life feels stable. There are also times of instability when our family life or job might be in jeopardy. It is in times like these that a yoga practice can create a state of self-realization, where you know your worth in all aspects of your life including your family and your job. Knowing your worth allows you to see clearly, each situation and find a logical solution to whatever problem presents itself.

 Through yoga and meditation work, you can tune in and focus on your thoughts, dreams, and desires. Through this practice, you learn that every thought starts with the energy to think it.  You learn to focus your attention on the energy of thought, nurturing that energy into your reality.

Your yoga practice brings an awareness of the immense power and energy of a thought, a plan, and an action.  You will make mistakes along the way and those mistakes can become the foundation of your success.  Practicing the principles of yoga in your daily life creates a better world for you and those around you. In this better world is where you will find yourself and your purpose in life. 

According to the yoga philosophy, the purpose of life is self-realization and unity.  Through yoga practice, you work on being the best person you can be, in all aspects of your life.  Yoga is about looking inside yourself to understand your mind.  One technique you might use to become more aware of your mind and thoughts is to keep a spiritual diary.  A spiritual diary is different from a regular diary in that you focus on the same question each day as a way to fully understand and improve yourself day after day.

These questions might include things like:

  • What form of yoga practice did I do today?
  • How much quiet time did I set aside for personal reflection?
  • How much Karma yoga did you practice during the day and how did that practice make you feel?
  • How do your relationships feel each day?  Did you help those with that you have a relationship without ego or attachment?  Did you feel love for them?

The practice of taking daily inventory trains your mind to focus and be aware of your feelings, your impact on others, and the impact of others on your daily life. Rachel Graham talks about her focus and awareness of her impact on others, which is how she discovered her life’s purpose.  Contact Rachel today to learn more about how to discover your life’s purpose.

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